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Buyer’s agent in Rotterdam

Whether you enter the housing market for the first time or are an experienced mover: buying a house is not a walk in the park.  For, how would anybody be strong enough to look at the price of their new dream house rationally if they have just cycled past for the umpteenth time?  How do you make sure you are not too late again to sign up for a viewing? And, when you have found a house, how do you find out about the state of the building, leasehold, hidden defects or any much-dreaded foundation problems?  Woonvisie knows what’s what and how things work.

We have been strongly rooted in our beautiful city at the Maas for over 30 years now.  We sleep there, work there and live there. We know every street corner, know what’s happening on the market and can rely upon our extensive network.  Most of all, we can help you find a house that feels right in all respects. For now, next week, and also in five or ten years’ time.


Buy your dream house in 6 steps

Buying a house is a project that differs from person to person. We completely understand that. And therefore, our approach is personal too.

  1. Know what you want to know
    First, you meet our back office employees. They plan your appointment with our colleague Linda at our office. If you really prefer this, you can also have a telephone appointment.  Our aim is to find out what you have in mind exactly. And this is not just about the type of building, the number of rooms or about square meters. For example, we would like to know who you are as a person, what your lifestyle is like now and how you would like to see this in five, ten or twenty years’ time.  With twenty years of experience in the housing sector and in Rotterdam, Linda knows all nice places and hidden gems, and she knows the upcoming places to be.
  2. List of requirements
    With the information acquired during her first meeting with you, Linda arranges a list of requirements, after which we start searching for your new place together. Speed is key in this process. Therefore, we do not only keep in touch by phone, but also via e-mail and WhatsApp. Quite convenient, in case you encounter a nice house late at night. And because all our employees combined have more than 70 years of experience and we can build upon a vast network, your favourite place might be found sooner than you expect.
  3. Viewing houses
    And then you fall in love. But hey, looks aren’t everything, and also the state of the building, the neighbourhood and amenities are important. For that reason, we hit the road together to see if it really is something for you. And, if yes, what is necessary to make the place exactly like you want it and up to date. For that purpose, we check the state of the house and have all kinds of inspections in our toolbox.
  4. Bidding, negotiating and persevering
    Do you keep smiling on the house and is the price realistic? Then we will bargain with cutting-edge strategies for you. Of course, we will constantly keep you informed about the state of affairs. Even if that changes at night or during the weekend.
  5. Concluding the purchase
    Next is the moment the bidding is accepted. While you scream the news from the rooftops, we check the legal aspects in the purchase contract. Of course, we also arrange for the inspection and appraisal, and we can even provide you with independent mortgage advise.
  6. The actual transfer
    At the day of completion, we plan a final inspection together and note the meter reading. After that, it is time to go to the notary, put your signature to the contract, and receive your new house keys. Congrats!


We would love to see you back, also after the transfer. So, just walk in for a cappuccino or a glass of wine during our Friday afternoon drinks. Take the moment to have a toast on your new place and on a bright future. Are you way too busy for anything like that? Stories and pictures of the results are more than welcome too. We like seeing what we are working for.

In Rotterdam, one street might be totally hip, while you would not want to live around the corner for the world – a quote you must have heard before. And this is not just true for ‘hipness’ of a neighbourhood, but also for the people who live there, for safety on the streets, and for the facilities.”

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