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Cookie policy

Cookie policy

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that your browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.) saves at your device (your computer or telephone, for example). It enables websites to save user information like preferences and settings. In fact, cookies enable websites to remember their users and their preferred settings for that particular website, so the website can respond accordingly and so more insight can be gained into the regular visitors of the website.

How does Woonvisie Vastgoed Adviesgroep use cookies?

The information cookies provide can help us analyse our visitors’ profiles and helps us in offering you a better user experience. Specific parts of the Woonvisie Vastgoed Adviesgroep website use cookies for particular reasons (for example, for the right application of a function for picture display on your device).

What cookies are there?

We distinguish several types of cookies:


  • Functional cookies: These are necessary for running the website properly. They make sure the desired information will be shown quickly and correctly any time you visit our website. For placing functional cookies, permission is not necessary.
  • Analytical cookies: We use these to analyse how our website is being used: for example, how much our website is visited, what pages our visitors land on and what pages are clicked on most. For these cookies, no permission is necessary because these have no consequences for your privacy.
  • Tracking cookies: These are cookies that can follow your surfing behaviour. By doing so, we and advertisers can show personalised online advertisements and made-to-measure content. We ask your permission before placing these cookies.
  • Social media plug-in cookies: Social media plug-in cookies are used to show social media content on our website. We ask your permission before placing these cookies.

Functional cookies


What party places the cookie?

Names of the cookie


Do we ask permission for this?

How long will the cookie be remembered?

Woonvisie Vastgoed Adviesgroep


Session cookie to recognise your browser, offer the right resolution, return in your browser, save search terms.

No, this is a functional cookie.

Deleted at the end of the session

Analytical cookies:


What party places the cookie?

Names of the cookie


Do we ask permission for this?

How long will the cookie be remembered?


__utma, __utmb, __utmc, __utmt

Google Analytics is a web analysis service that is provided by Google Inc. Via these cookies, the customer gets insight in their website visits. Think of numbers of visitors, popular pages and subjects. The customer can adapt their communication to the needs of the website visitors by using this. The customer cannot see who (which computer) visits their website. Google, being the provider of the service, can see this.

No, unless there are consequences for the privacy.

_utma, 2 years, _utmb, 15 min, _utmc, valid during session, _utmt, 10 min, _utmz, 6 mths

Third party cookies

It is possible that a number of cookies are active during your visit at the Woonvisie Vastgoed Adviesgroep website that have no relationship with Woonvisie Vastgoed Adviesgroep or its suppliers. If you visit a page with embedded YouTube or Flickr content, it is possible you are offered cookies from these websites. Woonvisie Vastgoed Adviesgroep is not in control of these cookies. For more information about these cookies, check the relevant websites of these third parties.

Deleting cookies

Woonvisie Vastgoed Adviesgroep never uses cookies to collect information about you that makes you personally identifiable. If, however, you want to limit or block the cookies set by Woonvisie Vastgoed Adviesgroep or probable other websites, you can do this via your browser settings. The help feature in your browser can instruct you how to do this, or you can use one of these links:

For more information about cookies, you can also follow the following links:

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