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The Nieuwe Westen

Folksy and super hip at the same time

The Nieuwe Westen district has a unique mix of places with metropolitan allure and typical working class areas.  It is a place where majestic avenues, beautiful canals, spacious squares, working class housing and nice shopping streets alternate. One of the most popular shopping streets is the Nieuwe Binnenweg. Lots of designer shops, barber shops and trendy coffee bars can be found here.


With the development of the Merwe-Vierhaven area into a creative testing ground still going on, West will become the place to be even more. Besides, the location of the district is quite favourable. For example, it is only a few minutes from the city centre, Rotterdam Central Station and various arterial roads.


Our favourites

The Nieuwe Westen district is up-and-coming. The number of lunch rooms, bars and restaurants is growing by the day. Café Steijn at Heemraadsplein is highly recommended. It is a new hotspot with the most beautiful facade in Rotterdam. And, being in the neighbourhood, pay a visit to Rijke & De Wit, a traditional pub with a modern approach. Or visit the mother of all espresso bars in Rotterdam: the Urban Espresso Bar. A popular destination for breakfast and lunch, of course also with wonderful coffee and homemade cakes.

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