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About Woonvisie

Woonvisie has its roots at the Rotterdam Kleiwegkwartier. Just like the districts Blijdorp/Bergpolder and Rotterdam-Noord, we know this part of the city backwards and forwards. It is our home: we pay our mortgages and earn our livings here. We can tell you where to find the special shops and the best lunchrooms and restaurants. Besides, we know all about the quality of amenities and of safety on the streets. Most importantly, we know the local housing market inside out. This enables us to help you on your way quickly and succesfully, taking into account all your wishes and without any hassle.


The closer, the better

Our approach

At Woonvisie, we do not believe in glib talk and little time. Just because we understand the importance of selling or buying your home. Because have been there ourselves. And because we see that if you are satisfied, you will be our best possible way of advertising. That is the reason why we are also available after six and at weekends, why we also say the things that are less pleasing to the ears, and why we are always nearby. Reliable, personal and brimming with new ideas every day.


Our team

The power of our company is in the people that work here. Passionate and committed professionals who have a thorough grasp of their professional domain and who know the neighbourhood. Who have also had sleepless nights when their houses were for sale. And who (inside information) did a celebratory dance in the office when their new home was a fact. Do not hesitate to call or e-mail them for a cup of coffee or tea and a chat, entirely non-committal, but rather personal: our favourite way of working.

Wilbert vertelt

Wilbert Hoogendijk


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Inge vertelt

Inge Verhoeve

Office Manager

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Irma vertelt

Irma van der Caaij

Project Coördinator

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Annemijn vertelt

Annemijn van Niekerk

Commercial Employee

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André vertelt

André van Luijk

Financial planner

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Patricia vertelt

Patricia Bernardino Martins

Cliënt Officer

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Judith vertelt

Judith van der Stel

Administrative Employee / Legal Assistant

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