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Whether you live in a typical 1930’s house or in one of those super hip lofts, selling your home is not a trivial matter. It is the place where you have started the day with a quick breakfast or the latest news year after year. Where you received friends at night, laughed together, and shared sad moments too. And it might have been the place where you saw your children grow up.  So, if you decide to sell that place, you want it to be dealt with carefully.

Woonvisie understands this and helps. From determining the asking price till delivering the keys, you can count on the support of Niek, Linda, Wilbert, Joanne, Inge, Irma, Annemijn, AndrĂ©, Peter, Patricia en Meta. We are experts in our field, are acquainted with the neighbourhood and know the way. We do what we are good at and we do what we say. We give you practical suggestions, up-to-date insight in the status and we even arrange your mortgage matters if wanted. But most of all, we make sure you don’t have to stay up all night worrying about selling your house. We take care of that.


Sell your house in 7 steps

With a fresh approach, expertise and a huge amount of commitment, we sell your house in 7 steps:


  1. Getting acquainted and free appraisal
    We would like to take a look inside your home.  First of all, to see whether we like each other, but also to give you a first value assessment of your house for free.  One that is attractive to buyers on the one hand, and is definitely not too low on the other. And maybe we will even already be able to make the perfect match with one of the home seekers in our own client base.
  2. Personal sales plan
    One house is not like the other. Fortunately, we know the neighbourhood, know how the market works and what buyers are searching for. That is why we can make a solid plan. One that fits your budget, your wishes and, most of all, that meets the requirements for selling your house successfully.
  3. Smart sales activities
    Of course, we place a For Sale sign in your garden, a picture at Funda and posts on social media. However, more is necessary to be found and seen. Woonvisie knows the intricacies of presentation. Apart from captivating photos, we create a digital floor plan, a 360-degrees presentation and a video slideshow, to name a few examples. And really, it works.
  4. The perfect viewing
    Then suddenly, the first viewers announce themselves. You clean up one last time and mop the floor, we take care of everything else. By the way, we take ample time for that. Simply because we know that it is not just the house itself, but also the personal touch that is important. Just like the neighbourhood atmosphere, the amenities in the area and safety in the streets.
  5. Feedback and call back
    Interested viewers are given a brochure to be brought back home and we call you with our first impressions. After a few days, we get in touch with the viewers again and ask them what they think of the house. Sometimes, only this small push is already enough to convince them to plan a second viewing.
  6. Negotiations that work
    Bidding is always exciting. Luckily, we know the cat-and-mouse game of buying and selling inside out. With quite an amount of courage and know-how, we negotiate with cutting-edge strategies. And so, without sacrificing too much, we get you the best possible deal.
  7. Entering into the purchase agreement
    And then the moment is there on which ‘yes’ is given as an answer and the champaign corks can finally pop. That is, it’s almost there.  For first, we define and document everything that has been discussed in a purchase agreement. And together, we go through this document extensively, so you know what you will put your signature below.


When we are done, the document goes to the notary and he or she draws up a deed of transfer.  We check these documents, and, with your consent, the notary plans an appointment for the actual transfer. With your and the buyer’s signature, the sale is a fact.

The house is sold, the corks have popped and the sleepless nights are definitely over. Now it is time to look ahead and make new plans. Our door will always be open. For example, for hearing about how you felt about your cooperation with Woonvisie. We are curious about your new dream spot,  and are more than willing to answer your additional questions. So, feel free to walk in once again!

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