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Niek Sträter

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Having started as an assistant-broker at Voorberg Brokers in Rotterdam, Niek is now proud owner of Woonvisie Brokers and Financial Services (now better known as Bureau van Luijk) As co-founder of Woongold in 2009, Niek particularly showed that successful real estate projects can be developed in times of crisis too. This has turned out to be one of his key strengths: bringing up new ideas, even though they might be against the tide. Next to his activities for Woongold, Niek mainly spends his time advising (professional) parties at transformation projects, carrying out market analyses for new construction projects and supervising unit-based sales. In his spare time, Niek is an avid runner. Besides, he has been an enthusiast concert- and festivalgoer for over 20 years.


Niek’s favourites:

Niek does not only love diving deep into the real estate market, he also enjoys eating out in one of the many restaurants Rotterdam is rich in. He tells passionately about the latest restaurants in (the vicinity of) Rotterdam. He finds joy especially at Rijntje aan de Rotte with its French cuisine.

Annemijn van Niekerk

Commercial Employee

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Judith van der Stel

Administrative Employee / Legal Assistant

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Patricia Bernardino Martins

Cliënt Officer

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Irma van der Caaij

Project Coördinator

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André van Luijk

Financial planner

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Inge Verhoeve

Office Manager

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Linda van der Caaij


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